The disappearance of the body in room 55 is a frightening horror story that occurred in South Africa

The disappearance of the body in room 55 is a frightening horror story that occurred in South Africa

This strange incident that sparked controversy in South Africa occurred at Stellenbosch Hospital. It is a very strange and controversial accident, and no one believes it. Titicic Gicoste, 61, a husband and father of six children, underwent a serious abdominal surgery on October 5. 2017, and he was then placed in a private recovery room in Stellenbosch Hospital in Stellenbosch, South Africa, to recover soon after leaving the operating room at about 5:15 am A nurse watched him giving the drug his medicine after he woke up and noticed something very strange.

The presence of strange spots on the bed in green color The nurse surprised and exited the room to bring some clean linens and bed linen, and when she returned there was not Tetic Gicoste in the room, the man completely disappeared and he evaporated and left the butterfly empty, scientifically that the man’s surgery was dangerous and he could not get out and rise from the bed then Walking quietly and without help from anyone is a very difficult prospect, and the time the nurse took to get the blankets was a few minutes, not hours.

However, Gicoste disappeared from the room. The hospital began to search for the missing man with tension in every part and inch of the hospital with great care. His family was not notified of his disappearance until October 7, that is, two days after the man disappeared. Then a hospital employee called to ask with tension if Gicoste At home and how to leave the hospital that way in the West?

The family revolted, robbed, lost their mind, and searched the hospital madly in Shubar Shubr and knew the reason for the disappearance of the father. Where did he go, and the man did not return home. The next day the police came after informing the man’s family that the search for the missing man and investigations continued until October 20 without finding any trace of him and no one saw him leaving From the hospital

On October 20 at 5:15 pm, the body of the missing patient was discovered by chance workers who are performing renovations in the hospital. The body was found in an “isolated area on the ceiling in the ventilation hole” in an area that is completely inaccessible “and was not The hospital has no answer as to how this happened and how the patient went to that narrow, isolated spot from the ceiling. So did the man fly to get there and why does he do that?

Investigations into the case continued until October 30, in front of everyone’s amazement and tension. The hospital conducted an autopsy and spoke with the family, but they did not say much and did not give an explanation of what happened. They were surprised by what happened as well. Completely successful and the man was in good health, but it appears that the man was killed some way and then put his body in that isolated area from the ceiling where he was found after he had already died from a while ago.

The subject is strange, although local reports from South Africa on October 23 of the disappearance and discovery of the body of Tetic Gekosti, it is strange that if we assume that it is a regular murder and the man was killed after leaving the operating room, why was he taken from the room and disappeared? Mysteriously that fast?
What are the green spots that the nurse found on the bed?

How can a body be found by chance in a hospital, if its smell did not appear during that period in the ventilation holes, it disappeared on the 5th day, and the body appeared on the 15th, how did it not decompose something strange, how did they not find the body when searching the first time, and how did the man fly to go up to the ventilation openings He is a sick man. How did the man’s family do not ask him for two whole days in the hospital. Is there someone who kidnapped the man and a situation where I found after killing him? Are ghosts of aliens other things but why is this man?

And if the man had died after the operation and the hospital was lying, what would they benefit without discrediting them even though it is very likely that a person would die while performing surgery or his condition worsened then there is no problem with the matter then every day patients die from excessive drug doses from wound infection from cardiac arrest during Surgery, but I think there is something else that I don’t understand. Don’t you think so with me? Is there a missing link and something strange?

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