The ghost car is a true horror story short

A ghost car is a true horror story that really happened

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Vincent Mansfield was the chief photographer for an evening newspaper in Rotterdam, the man stopped his car in the main square in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, cut off the electricity to the car so that it would not be exposed to thieves and closed it well with the key, but the man did not expect that he was protecting his car from thieves but did not protect it from ghosts, on September 13 In 1934, the car drove by itself to cause fear and terror among many passers-by on the street for several hours, and it was found thirty miles away from the place where it was left in Vincent and in another city which is the city of Tilburg, and it was separated by electricity and without any fingerprints on the dashboard.

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But what is the story from the beginning? The story happened on Friday September 13, as Vincent was driving his new car that he bought two years ago, and he took great care of it and spent the vacation cleaning and polishing it to look new and shiny, Vincent was obsessed with his new car to the point of madness, and the photographer arrived at Eindhoven to take some pictures at a celebration of a new electric power station, and he had to hand over the photos to the newspaper the next day, then he did not go out early after finishing filming the project, and he sat taking official lunch with the opening, and after the completion of his mission, at three and a half in the afternoon they finished lunch He went to his car and it was a big surprise when he could not find his car.

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Then the man went to the police station, and he officially reported the car theft, and after completing the investigations, no police car lifted it because it was in an inappropriate location, and the police considered the car stolen and here the man boarded the train and returned to his home in the city of Rotterdam. Half past afternoon, one of the workers was leveling weeds outside Eindhoven, and he saw the black French car rushing in the road and deflecting at one of the curves and was heading towards it directly and almost run over him, but the man rushed to the ground away from it and strange that the man when he recovered himself and stood up to insult and insulted the driver of the car He found the car empty, which had no driver, and Kremlin recorded the car number and called the police, informed him of the matter, and the traffic police were wirelessly called and were standing on the road a few miles from the city of Tilburg, and one of the policemen was inside his car and was waiting for the foot of the black Persian car, and here the car drove Black French is crazy among passersby and almost ran over madly.

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The policeman moved his black car to chase the crazy car, but it disappeared from the road, and the car was traveling without a driver driving it, and in the next city and where the nearest police station was, a police car was waiting for the black French car after reporting it by radio, and the car would run over a group of people heading to the bus station, When the police car arrived, the car had disappeared, and after that a black French car penetrated a herd of cows that was on the other side of the road, and the farmer did not see who was driving the car. It was empty. He will suffer angina because the car was going crazy on its own, and the police tried to block the road on it, but they headed towards the police sparrow that overturned its front and the crazy car disappeared again, and then in the third and a half they found the crazy car in a street in Talburg, and it was covered by thick soil and by it Many injuries on its sides, and when they opened the car, the switch’s contact switch was closed and the power cut button was still in place, but the car was free of fuel.

The strange thing is that the police investigated the matter, but to no avail. Everyone believed that it was a ghost who was driving the car, but they do not know why and what happened after that, but he accompanied it and sold it. That happened one day and has no logical or scientific explanation. Do ghosts like driving cars?


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