The horror story of the whimsical policeman

The horror story of the whimsical policeman

I moved a few days ago to a new house in a quieter place and I thought that the people in it were nice and that I would be safer, especially since my neighbor near me is a policeman and looks like a quiet long man bald friendly and does not show any signs of evil or violence.

I saw him for the first time and his smile was friendly and he exchanged the smile, but I do not know why I feel this strange feeling towards him even though he did not show anything abnormal, perhaps this feeling is due to the large number of women who visit him and some incomprehensible voices that come from his house sometimes, so he always comes to visit him Different girls.

I didn’t pay much attention to it, everyone is busy with his condition, except that one evening around dawn, I heard the voice of moaning, it did not last long, and I did not think much about it, so it became normal to hear strange sounds coming from my neighbor.

A few days passed by and I was surprised by my neighbor knocking on my door carrying a plate of sweets and offering his apology for not welcoming me, but since I came to the new house and introduced me to his name, Merrill gave me an invitation to come to his house so that he teaches me to do some delicious desserts. He is a specialist in making sweets.

I did not accept the offer directly because I was feeling this strange feeling of uncomfortable, but he said that he would wait for me at seven in the evening, I kept thinking between going and not going, but I finally decided, especially since my curiosity began to overwhelm me until I knew when those voices came from his house.

I tried to insure myself against any possibilities. I ran a kitchen knife in my bag and went to his house about a quarter of an hour before the appointment. He greeted me with welcome, entered me, and began to ask me about what he liked to learn from sweets, so I chose the cream with brulee.

The house from the inside suggests that its owner has a delicate sense, he paid attention to him and he had taken out the ingredients of the cream in his brulee and he said that he lacks the cream and asked me to bring it from the refrigerator but the refrigerator is in the basement, which called me to the amazement, will he send me to the basement but he was and I went to the basement of his house, and he was Very dark, as a strange smell was emitted, and I was surprised that there were six fridges in the doors, and fear infiltrated my heart strongly, especially when I approached one of the refrigerators and I imagined that I could hear groaning from inside. Both are not fiction.

I quickly opened the fridge and it was a violent surprise, as there was a girl who had been iron-strapped and suspended inside the fridge, and she was in a very cold, tired and terrifying state and was asking for help and tried to free it using the knife in my bag and when I checked it I discovered that it was one of those girls who came to it and tried to work on it and started telling me that Merrill hunts the girls on the pretext of teaching them to make sweets and on the pretext of forgetting something that makes them go down to the basement, and I did not understand well what she was saying except that she told me that he would come until he tied me and locked me in one of the refrigerators until she breached my strength and then started the torture phase that he enjoyed.

I looked up and the basement door was already closed and I panicked and started searching for another exit until I found a window that broke its windows but this window will not allow the other girl to go out so I went out and entered my house and hid and called the police and told them what happened.

Would they believe me and arrest a colleague who I am now hiding in my house while awaiting the outcome of my call, please tell them to come before he takes revenge on me and kills the girl.

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