The house can’t accommodate everyone – a very scary story

One day a man rented a house on the outskirts of the end and this house was deserted for a long time in which no one lived, and then his owner re-maintained and painted again and changed his decor and then subject to rent, so this man came and rented it, this man tells his terrible story saying: I transferred my belongings to this The house and I spent the first night in it with my wife and children, it was a quiet and beautiful night, and several days passed until we settled in this house. I was very happy with this house overlooking the scenery of the amazing forest sides and my children are very happy with the small garden attached to the house where they spend the day playing and having fun.

I used to go to work in the morning and come in the evening and sleep early to continue working the next day, but my wife used to love so much in front of the TV, and after a week passed she came to my bed running and fear fills her eyes saying that there is something strange in this house, so I asked her and what she told me that she Every night, you hear a commotion in the corridor leading to the kitchen, and sometimes you hear the screaming of children and the sound of their legs running around the house. To it these whispers again, calmed down a bit and slept tonight.

The next day I came back late from work and I was very exhausted, and when I entered the house I found my wife motionless and her eyes sitting in the corner of the house while she was sweating and trembling badly, and after she woke up she told me that she saw a woman sitting with her in the hall and exchanging together the parties of the conversation, where she told her these The woman said that she and her family lived in this house for a very long time, and they will never leave for it. My wife advised that she and her family search for her for another place because this house is small and not everyone can accommodate it.

I was very shocked when I heard this strange novel that my wife told me, and as soon as it ended until a short man appeared in front of me and said to me: We do not want to harm you and your family, but our family is large and we are the residents of this real house and we came before you lived for many years, so we ask From you to search for another house .. I agreed to leave immediately and started searching for another house and asked him for a delay until I find another house for me and my children, and he gave me a full month that they would not harm any of my family and they would not show us day or night, and before the time we left the house Without going back.

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