The Last Of Us: 10 Funniest Glitches In The Game

The Last Of Us is regarded for its breathtaking story, grounded environment, intense gameplay, and for being acknowledged as among the finest video video games of all time. In a sport this well-liked, there is no such thing as a shock that so many amusing glitches and bugs have been found all through the years.

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Regardless of Naughty Canine releasing patches to repair these glitches, many nonetheless stay. From physics-defying character animations to game-breaking out-of-bounds bugs, these glitches ignore any sense of logic and create some hilariously absurd moments that are positive to be remembered and mentioned amongst followers for a few years to return.


Dismounting Callus At The Flawed Time

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One of many strangest glitches in The Final of Us is when Joel is seen levitating above the highway following Tommy, while standing utterly immobile. This hilarious glitch happens within the “Tommy’s Dam” chapter after Ellie runs away, and Joel and Tommy chase after her on horseback, however the participant makes Joel leap off of Callus, his horse.

This hiccup turns into even funnier when Joel makes an attempt to pick out a weapon, instantly sprawling his limbs out and turning into a complete abomination, all of the whereas nonetheless floating. This monstrosity then reforms itself again into Joel and continues to drift down the highway. All of the whereas, Tommy continues driving like regular, utterly unaware of Joel’s horrifying try at yoga.

Ellie And Joel Stand On Callus

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Seemingly occurring randomly within the “College” chapter, this hysterical glitch sees Ellie and Joel merged collectively standing utterly nonetheless on prime of Callus. Because the participant rides round, not one of the animations appear to work, which means even Callus runs across the space with out transferring a single muscle.

Moreover, Ellie and Joel do not discuss a lot throughout this phase, so the awkwardness of Ellie, Joel, and Callus transferring collectively with out truly doing something is mixed with an much more awkward silence, which is sometimes damaged up with a “neigh.” This can be a quite mundane however hilarious glitch, giving gamers a brief break from the emotional journey which often went too far.

Invoice Pushes Skinny Air

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One other hilarious hiccup happens in Invoice’s City when Invoice and Joel are slowly pushing a bygone automobile down a hill in an try to kickstart the engine. If a molotov cocktail is thrown at Invoice while pushing the automobile, he’ll begin strolling and pushing on the spot while the automobile rolls away from him, making a foolish scene the place he constantly pushes the air like a mime.

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Joel, utterly unaware of this, one way or the other pushes your entire automobile by himself till the sport catches up with him. What’s even funnier is that Invoice nonetheless talks to Joel as if they’re subsequent to one another. Regardless of them being more and more additional away by the second, the 2 proceed their dialog like regular. Both Invoice’s whispers are literally very loud shouting, or Joel has received an extremely good listening to.

Out-Of-Bounds At The College

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Out-of-bounds glitches are a few of the most typical and well-known glitches within the Final Of Us, and one of the crucial hilarious ones happens on the College. Joel might be pushed out of bounds while driving on Callus if he’s caught between a sure trash can and wall. In contrast to most out-of-bounds glitches, you may’t see a lot of the map, so hilariously Joel and Callus can defy gravity and actually stroll on skinny air.

This chucklesome glitch is made ten occasions funnier, when Ellie, for no purpose in any respect, falls into the infinite abyss. Joel is totally unaware of Ellie’s fall and continues to stroll round like he usually would on land. After a short while, like many hysterical game-breaking glitches usually trigger, the sport will crash, as there is no such thing as a method to get again onto the overworld, and Ellie will return from her unintentional journey.

The Sinking Flooring

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This comical glitch happens in “The Suburbs” chapter, throughout a battle with the Army. If Joel takes cowl in a particular home inside the space, there’s a seemingly random likelihood that enemies attempting to enter the backdoor will as a substitute sink shoulder-deep into the ground. Hilariously, they nonetheless handle to place up a combat, as Joel intensely battles their heads poking out the ground, in a determined combat for his life.

Furthermore, the glitch turns into even funnier when the enemies are defeated, as their our bodies begin to frantically breakdance and flail in all places earlier than rising up and stopping in an ungainly however amusing place. All through all of this mayhem, Joel remains to be utterly unphased and acts as if nothing out of the unusual has occurred, staying true to Joel’s hardened personality.

Falling By The Floor

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One of many funniest glitches in The Final Of Us can randomly happen when Ellie, Joel, and Invoice are traversing by way of a neighborhood within the “Invoice’s City” chapter. It entails Joel hurrying up a ladder, briefly levitating above every part, after which shortly falling into nothingness, all of the whereas Ellie and Invoice combat the contaminated totally oblivious to Joel’s hilarious shenanigans.

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While Joel levitates in mid-air, the screams of Ellie and Invoice echo as they wrestle to carry the contaminated again, including a considerably hilariously darkish tone to this obscene glitch. Moreover, after a number of transient seconds of peacefully staring into the sundown, Joel all of a sudden plummets into the out-of-bounds abyss to his premature doom, the place one way or the other he meets his demise with what appears to be an especially exhausting and foolish stomach flop, topping off this hysterical hiccup.

Joel Is Immune To Clickers

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One other humorous and seemingly random glitch happens in Invoice’s City, a location within the sport stuffed with traps and Clickers, through which Joel turns into resistant to a trembling Clicker. This Clicker makes an attempt to assault Joel after he explodes one of many traps, nonetheless for some purpose he takes no injury and is totally unbothered.

Witnessing one of many scariest threats in The Last Of Us turn out to be utterly innocent is hilarious, not solely making this glitch helpful but in addition considerably satisfying, as Joel and Ellie can nonetheless combat again. As an alternative of inflicting injury, the Clicker amusingly flails its arms in every single place, because it desperately tries to assault the unaffected Joel. Inside seconds, the Clicker has gone from being a fully terrifying creature to a laughing inventory.

Leaving David To Defend Himself

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This humorous and satisfying occurs within the “Lakeside Resort” chapter. Tonnes of the contaminated and Clickers cost in direction of the shelter, and normally, there are restricted provides obtainable, nonetheless, the glitch protects Ellie, because the enemies utterly ignore her and assault David as a substitute.

Many followers rank David because the least likable character in The Last Of Us, as he’s later revealed to be a cannibal merely manipulating Ellie to realize her belief. So seeing him in misery is considerably satisfying and provides to the darkish humor of this amusing glitch, as his survival on this state of affairs depends wholly on Ellie’s help.

Joel And Ellie Merge Into One

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One other hilarious glitch from the College space, this hiccup sees Ellie and Joel merge into one another, attempting to take a seat on the saddle concurrently while driving on Callus, and is triggered by holding the triangle button within the chapter’s opening cutscene.

This merging of Ellie and Joel creates an extremely unusual creature, with Ellie’s face rising from Joel’s chest, and her arms from his shoulders, which turns into a kind of stuff you simply cannot cease observing. Moreover, this hysterical glitch turns into even funnier when Ellie and Joel interact in deep, darkish, and severe conversations which can be speculated to be emotionally gripping. Nevertheless, on this state of affairs, the hiccup simply makes the dialogue hilarious.

Ellie Adjustments Form

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One of many all-time funniest glitches in The Final Of Us sees Ellie’s physique hilariously and horrifyingly elongate for no obvious purpose. Occurring randomly after the primary contaminated encounter on the College, this hiccup is fortunately not game-breaking, however the identical can’t be mentioned for Ellie.

The glitch is a really other-worldly and hysterical sight to behold. By far essentially the most meme-able glitch of the sport, that is the second The Final Of Us grew to become a horror sport. This second is assured to have each gamer in stitches of laughter, and can seemingly be remembered for years to return.

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