The story of bullying leads to death

It is said that in one of the schools, located in one of the European countries, the 16-year-old Jesse girl lived a miserable life. The rest of the students were always making fun of her and bullied her, and because she was shy she couldn’t answer them. That girl had been suffering a lot for months without anyone helping her from school, and without telling anyone from her family. One day, one of the students proposed a proposal and the others decided to implement it. One of the students: Jesse, look! We have decided to stop mocking you in one case. Jesse shyly replied stuttering: What is it? Another student: Do you know the graves in the northern region? Jesse: Yes. A second student: You have to go there when the moon is full. Complete the fourth student: Relax in the loudest voice at the middle cemetery and say:

 “I want to be your friend.” Jesse hesitated a lot before answering the question, because these graves are famous among the inhabitants for being inhabited, and that ghosts appear in abundance and do strange acts during the full moon days. Jesse couldn’t think long, because one of the students cut the rope of her thoughts when he told her. Student amid the laughter of other students, laughs: What did you decide, Jesse, you will continue along the lines of the end of the year! Jesse: Okay, okay. On the agreed day, when twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, Jesse and the rest of the students were standing at the agreed graves. STUDENT: Come on, Jesse, go in! Jesse: I feel shriek … A student: What happened ?! Aren’t you coming in? The student took out his mobile phone and started photographing Jesse stuttering to speak, and she was only going to enter. Indeed, it agreed.

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