FREE HORROR unnamed-file The story of Jin happened personally with me, frightening

The story of Jin happened personally with me, frightening

The story of Jin happened personally with me, frightening

Jin joking with us or what happened from the illusion of our imagination. I and a number of my friends went to work in one of the villages of the northern coast several years ago when the northern coast was not inhabited by the same population density that exists now, we were working inside the village at night and in the evening the village administration provided us with a room outside the village walls about 500 meters away the room was the only one not surrounded by any Other adjacent residences, a spacious room for a group of individuals with one entrance has a dilapidated door and a small window for ventilation. When we entered that room, we found it full of nails in every corner of the room in a very exaggerated and eye-catching manner. Nearly hundreds of nails distributed in all aspects, we did not care about its time, as we were exhausted from work and in need of some sleep. The next day, we found an Arab man in the village who was a resident of the area, and one of us took curiosity to ask him why there are so many nails so he laughed a lot and then answered that we who did this took a lot of surprise from us and asked him who you are? The Arabs said, so we said why? … He went back a little and then said: I do not want to frighten you. He urged us to tell us, and under the weight of extreme urgency, he told us that we always do this in isolated places like your room because the jinn often lives in him and takes him as his refuge, so we laughed a lot and then we left because everything we heard proved to us the ignorance of that Arab And his belief in the chaos that we urban people do not believe in. And as usual we went to our room to have a rest and in the morning one of my friends asked me why you were opening the room door It was very cold yesterday, so I replied that I had never opened the room door yesterday, and I never woke up except in the morning with you to go to work, so we went to our friends One by one and each of them answers us that he did not open the door yesterday so we thought that perhaps the winds were causing it to open the door as the door was very old. After our work was completed, we went to our room and suggested to a friend that we entertain ourselves and take a tour of the village we were working in. Everyone agreed, except for me because I was feeling tired so everyone went and stayed alone in the room. After a while, while I was looking at the little window while I was having a cup of tea, I heard someone knocking on the door and I was terrified because I look at the window and did not surround the room anything. I can see whether there is anyone knocking on the door or not, but I did not see anyone coming and then started knocking on the increase quickly And terrifying when I see the door and no one is outside, I took a deep breath gathering bravery in it and asked who knocked on the door? … No one answered me but stopped knocking on the door. She rushed towards the small window and jumped from it in the barefoot way. And I took my wages away from the room and after a few minutes I had moved away from the room and I remained terrified. I am awaiting the return of my friends. I am suffering from the coldness of the night, amazed by what I saw. After several hours, I saw my friends coming from far and ran to them and told them about what happened to me. When we approached, one of us looked at the window and then said that there is no one in the room. It is dark. Maybe my friend fell asleep. I imagined what happened and called us to enter the room. We know that the room has no one, so how do I turn on the lamp ….? I don’t really know what happened with us, but you know ????

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