The story of the jungle and the old man is very scary

One day a young man decided to go with two of his friends to camp inside the woods, this was the first stage for these friends to move away from home and the city to this degree, but there were a lot of exciting and wonderful stories about the beauty of this forest and its charming nature, which increased the enthusiasm of young people towards Go to her and spend the entire night inside.

Young people gathered their belongings and went out to the road, but in the middle of the road they faced a small problem in one of the wheels of the car. Fortunately for them, they were close to the Istiraj station. The youth club called the mechanic and left the car until he cared about the problem, while they went to rest and drink some coffee in the café next to the rest. Half an hour later, the youth returned to the mechanic and took over the car, but before they spoke again on their way, one of the station employees approached them and asked them about their destination, so they told him that they were going to the forest, signs of dread and terror appeared for a while, but the man quickly owned himself And he cautiously told him: Be careful in the path of the forest, because it is really scary and very dangerous .. The man said and went.

Young men burst into laughter, because of this stranger’s strange words and accusations of cowardice, and no one cared about his words .. The youth continued the path towards the forest, and during their way very strange events occurred with them, the first of which was the turning of the air into a very dark fog since they entered the path of the forest, then it started Ghosts appear in front of the car, in addition to very frightening sounds.

In the beginning, the friends ignored all of this, and everyone thought that they were delusional and did not dare tell their friends what they felt and felt.

But with the passage of time, the young man suggested that they return to the house, and here everyone started talking openly, where one of the friends said: Did not one of you see this ghost that is standing on the right of the car, the friends looked, and if they find someone coming from inside the forest, and another person coming from The back and appears in the mirror, until the ghosts surrounded the car from each side, and their faces were completely deformed, the friends went out fleeing the car trying to find a way to return to the city running quickly, but the ghosts followed them from all sides, until the friends found a small house, the youth knocked on the door quickly Then an old man came out to them, quickly brought them inside and asked them who brought them to this place, so the friends told him their story, so the old man gave each young man an accessory and ordered them to put it on their hands and never take him off, then gave him a car and told them to return it to them but in the morning, and guided them to me The Road .

The youths came out afraid, but the strange thing is that they saw the ghosts moving away from them and fleeing from them without any of them daring to approach again. In the decline of ghosts, and from that day on, young people always keep these accessories in their hands.

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