The story of the kidnapping of a girl from the ghosts

A true story of a girl who was loved by a genie. The events of the story take place in the region of Hail in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the poor girl lived with her old father who was caring for him. One day, one of the sons of the jinn loved her and pursued her until he wore it, so her life turned into hell, where she saw a lot of Nightmares are in her sleep and you see that there is a genie that interferes with and assaults on her during that, and after a long time has passed, gray hair appears strange to her, so her father felt that there was something strange about her or that she was possessed, so she called a cleric to recite the Qur’an, and the man actually attended and began reciting, What the father had expected happened, but he was trying to lie to the last minute.

As soon as the girl heard the Qur’an, she started screaming and her fingers slammed tight and the jinn began to speak on her tongue and send the threat and the promises to everyone who tries to approach her. Her room and at midnight the doors and windows of the room around her started shaking, and the curtains fell around her. Suddenly, the girl disappeared. The genie kidnapped her and fled to the mountains of Hail.

After two days have passed since this incident, one of the security men passed a measure of this path, and he saw a girl falling from the top of the mountain. The girl from the top of the mountain and who was asking for water and seemed to have been severely tortured, so beautifully her clothes were torn.

After the spread of this story, the Emir of Hail recommended a prize of four million Saudi riyals to anyone who finds this girl, but no one has found any trace of her to this day.

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