The terrifying doll island american horror story

The terrifying doll island american horror story

Island of Mexican Dolls

Doll Island is known in the local language (Isla de las Munecas) and it is a strange island of hanging dolls located in Mexico, and is currently considered a famous tourist area, this island is located on the channels of Suchemilco, 28 kilometers from Mexico City, and the island can be reached by The ferry is from Embarcadero Fernando Celada or Embarcadero Cuemanco.

Interest in the island grew after the mysterious death of Santana, as the island was not the focus of attention or even the media before his death, and soon the story of Santana and his family spread widely after the news of his death, and the media began publishing strange storybooks about the island and Santana, and this island is currently considered open For visits by tourists.

The story behind Dolls Island

It is said that this story happened about half a century ago, when a little girl drowned off a small island buried between the channels of Suchemilco, and the only visitor to this island was Don Julian Santana Parreira who lived alone on this island even though he is married and has a family, After the girl’s death, this man, convinced of it as a sign of the evil spirit, found a doll floating in the canal so he hung it on the trees to protect himself from evil and calm the soul of the dead girl, and he quickly hung many dolls on the trees on the whole island.

The truth of the story of the island of dolls

The story behind this island is an innocent and impressive work by Santana, who it seemed to him was driving some invisible force that completely changed him, plus he was having nightmares chasing him by the girl’s soul, and for this he hung more dolls in An attempt to please her soul, and, according to those close to him, he was suffering from thinking that he could not save the life of the little girl.

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