The white cat is a strange and very hideous murder

The white cat is a strange and very hideous murder

There was a beautiful girl named Carmen and her father was one of the wealthy of the town, but Carmen, despite the money and beauty, had been suffering from the disease since its early age and the wealth of her father did not help her find a cure for her illness, which made her father isolate her from the people and keep her inside the house to protect her.

Despite the closed doors that prevent Carmen from going out, the fate has led her to him that he is a handsome young Philip who fell in love with Carmen, and he only saw her beautiful beauty, and Carmen liked Philip a lot, and nobody shook Philip Carmen’s poor health.

The couple got married and shortly after marriage, Carmen became more and more ill and more ill with her, and Philip was initially caring for her and accompanying her, but over time the illness went on and Philip became bored and he moved away from his wife more and more and spent more time outside the home.

Philip moved away and his news began to reach Carmen and his new relationship began to reach her ears. The taboo occurred and Philip established a relationship with another woman. She loves it so much.

Philip used to always go to that woman whenever the night came, but he and that woman noticed that whenever Philip reached her, a white cat came and stood in the window of the room looking forward to them, and her outlook looked strange as if you were pouring curses on them from the strength of her anger and hatred, and her voice was strange even He was dreading the woman and she hated it.

The promised night came and the illness was so severe for Carmen that she even asked Philip not to go out tonight and stay with her because she wanted to stay with him, but Philip argued and went out and left her struggling with her body disease and the sadness of herself and went to his lover, and as is the custom that this white cat also arrived except that she was She moves a lot and suffers with a voice that disturbs the mistress so much and angered her that she even asked him to kill her.

Philip returned as usual to find Carmen lying on the ground and strange that the knife he stabbed the cat was in the chest of Carmen, which terrified him and turned his life into a form of hell where the rest of his life continued to suffer from the heinous act of treason and murder for those who loved him with great love.

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