UNBOUND EVIL (2022) Preview of paranormal horror movie with trailer

Dark Night of the Scarecrow 2 (Could 10, Blu-ray, DVD)

Faye (Could 10, Digital, VOD)

A Taste of Blood (Could 10, Blu-ray, Digital)

The Sadness (Could 12, Shudder)

Homebound (Could 13, VOD)

Monstrous (Could 13, VOD)

Firestarter (Could 13, Theatrical, Peacock: US)

The Innocents (Could 13, VOD)

Vampir (Could 16, VOD)

Death Valley (Could 17, Blu-ray, DVD)

Wyrmwood Apocalypse (Could 17, Blu-ray, DVD)

The Found Footage Phenomenon (Could 19, Shudder)

Men (Could 20, Theatrical: US)

Trip (Could 20, Digital)

Torn Hearts (Could 20, VOD)

X (Could 24, Blu-ray, DVD)

Umma (Could 24, Blu-ray, DVD)

Crimes of the Future (June 3, theatrical: NY, LA)

Dashcam (June 3, VOD)

Watcher (June 3, VOD)

The Passenger (June 3, Theatrical: US)

Crimes of the Future (June 3, theatrical: US)

Eraser: Reborn (June 7, US: Blu-ray, DVD, Digital)

Tales from the Other Side (June 7)

Jurassic World: Domination (June 10, Theatrical)

Offseason (June 10, Shudder)

The Righteous (June 10, Arrow streaming)

Gatlopp (June 16, VOD, Digital: US)

Lightyear (June 17, Theatrical)

Spiderhead (June 17, Netflix)

Cyst (June 21, DVD, VOD)

The Black Phone (June 24, theatrical)

Gatlopp (June 27, Digital: UK)

Horror Noire (June 28, DVD)

Where the Scary Things Are (June 28, DVD, VOD)

Bed Rest (July 15, theatrical)

The Reef: Stalked (July 29, theatrical, Digital, VOD, Shudder)

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