Who were I playing with ?! ghosts stories

There was a young man in his twenties, and one night he went with buddies to the seashore, where this was their habit every weekend, and because the weather was very cold, the young men decided to walk on the beach instead of swimming, while the young man was walking with Friends, he saw an animal that he thought was a rabbit, so he started running and reading trying to catch him, and his friends laughed and asked him to return because whatever he did he would not be able to catch him .. The young man did not understand at first and kept running behind the animal until he proved to them that he could catch him, the animal ran to a place Isolated and suddenly stopped and turned around and if it has a dog-like object but much bigger and stiffer and his eyes illuminate with a very frightening reflection and color.

The young man held his breath out of fear and began throwing stones at this abandoned creature, but he did not hide or escape, so the young man did not immediately retreat and quickly rushed back to his friends .. After a little opinion, a young man of himself is very handsome approaching him and in his hand strikers for the game of tennis The young man did not speak, he only gave him the racket and the two began playing together, he was so brilliant that our friend could not defeat or take him one point throughout the course of their play.

After a while, his friends came laughing hard. The young man was surprised by the comrades ’laughter and asked them why you are laughing. They told him: God heal you, my love. His companions, looking at his hand and found himself already holding an old shoe, turned around and found the young man who was playing with him had no effect, he disappeared completely as if he evaporated.

He asked permission of the young man and returned early to his home and remained throughout his night thinking about what he saw and what happened to him, and he never dared to go to the seashore, and he never even approached that place again, and until now he did not know an explanation of what happened and did not know with whom he was playing, because Sure, he could not have imagined. He actually took the racket from the boy’s hand, grabbed the ball, hit it, and bounced back to him for the duration of the game. With whom was he playing? God knows .

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